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The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB)

The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB)
ILAB is an organization that encompasses twenty national associations representing antiquarian booksellers who sell books, manuscripts, prints, and maps in thirty countries around the world. Most associations publish a national directory listing members and their specialties, which is available from them on request. The League speaks for two thousand leading booksellers throughout the world. Its emblem stands for integrity and professionalism in the rare book trade worldwide.

The League was founded in Amsterdam at a meeting of major European booksellers in 1947, and incorporated the following year in Copenhagen. It was born in the new spirit of international cooperation, which transcended national differences left over from the war. A half-century later, its aims, objects, and ideals have been adopted around the world.

The objects formulated in 1947 are still valid. Put briefly, they are to uphold and improve professional standards in the trade, to promote honorable conduct in business, and to contribute in various ways to a broader appreciation of the history and the art of the book.

The League publishes and upholds a code of practice based on wide experience of all its national associations. The code is binding on all members. It is a mark of success of this code that disputes are rare.If disputes should arise, the League mediates, and its authority ensures that judgments are implemented.
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